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Dog Walking on a Sunny Day

Nalbandyan Law Firm, PC handles all types of injury cases, including Dog Bite cases.

Millions of people each year are victims of a dog bite, approximately half of the victims being children.  If you or a love one are victims of a dog attack, contact us today to find out your legal rights.  

It is not the side of the dog, but the fight in the dog.  Dog bites could result in complete and sometimes permanent injuries.  We will assist you in all aspects of your case, including helping you obtain expert medical care, and fighting for maximum compensation for your injuries.  

Trust us to handle your case, including communicating with the insurance companies, and protecting your rights.  At times, insurance companies can make unreasonable demands for your cellular phone records, employment records, personal and/or medical records.  We will fight to ensure your rights are protected!  Call now for a free consultation to find out more.



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